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Thank you for your support and cooperation for Alliance for Humanitarian Architecture


Thank you very much for the special support of Alliance for Humanitarian Architecture's activities.

When a space or a place is created, people gather, and when people gather, activities are born. Listening to the people who need support. With your cooperation, Alliance for Humanitarian Architecture will be able to provide effective and active disaster prevention and relief activities. We sincerely ask for your kind understanding of our organization's philosophy and purpose and help us achieve a better world together for the humanity.


Alliance for Humanitarian Architecture Founder

Akinobu Yoshikawa

Donation and fundraising method

Donation Procedures


Direct donation by bank transfer

You can transfer money directly from the nearest financial institution.



Donation through bank transfer

Please consult with your local bank for procedures at your financial institution.



Step 1.Please fill in the donation form and send us through mail or email (

Step 2. Send your donations to our organization bank account in Japan

Alliance for Humanitarian Architecture

Donation Account Information

Bank and Branch Names

Mizuho Bank, Sendai Branch (Branch number 723)



Account Number


Account holder name

Alliance for Humanitarian Architecture

We currently can not offer any tax benefits at this time. AHA is working hard to obtaining the public entity status to offer the benefits. We will make an announcement once we achieve this status to our supports. We greatly appreciate your understanding and support!

Please spread the word about AHA!


Please check out our SNS (Facebook, Twitter) for the latest information.

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