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For our second edition of our organization T-shirt, a competition was held with Taro Igarashi Lab from Tohoku University, and the one designed by Kaede Tanikoshi was selected as a winner. "HITOREN", our organization name in Japanese and the logo is hidden in this Japanese pattern, look carefully and you will find the letters "ヒ(HI)", "ト(TO)", "レ(RE)", and "ン(N)" written in katakana. On the back, "Alliance for Humanitarian Architecture" is written on the neck.

These T-shirt are printed by the company Mark Fix, who experienced major damage to their factory by the floods in September of 2015.


The sales of T-shirts will be used as an important activity funding for our organization.

AHA T-Shirt Model - 018

  • 【返品ポリシー】




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